More History of Slap Bass - Bill Black - Part 1

Bill Black was Elvis's slap bass player.  He and Scotty Moore (Lead Guitar) were sent by Sam Phillips to audition Elvis on June 27th 1954 at Scotty's home.  After the audition, both Bill and Scotty commented to Sam that "with some work, we might be able to help the boy". On July 5th 1954 they recorded "That's All Right Mama" with Elvis at Sun Studios in Memphis TN.  Here is the original recording of Elvis singing and playing rhythm guitar, Bill Black slapping the Bass, and Scotty Moore playing lead guitar.  There is no drums on this track.  All percussion on the track is either by slap bass or Elvis's rhythm guitar. It was not until a year later and 100's of gigs later that Elvis added a drummer to the group.

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