Lance is the big bass-slappin',song-crafting founder of the storied Hillbilly Hellcats and a longtime first-chair musician in his own right.  Neo-rockabilly, psychobilly, hillbilly...if it rocks, Lance has played it - and better than most, too.  Have doghouse, will travel. He has now collected a representative sample of stellar moments from his distinguished career.  Presented are not just clever and agreeably rollicking Hellcats classics (many of which turned up in TV and film soundtracks), but momentous collaborations with some of contemporary rockabilly's finest players, including Jinx Jones, Danny B. Harvey and "Taz" Bentley.  It isn't often that one finds so much talent of this caliber on one record. The woods are full of aspirants to rockin' glory.  A few will make it.  When they do, they'll find Lance waiting. Recommended "Dead Man's Party," "Roadkill Cafe," Mudflap Baby," "Rockinest Cat in Town," "Hillbilly Cat," "Beer and a Girl," "Mad Dog Twist," "My Baby's Rockabilly," "Ol Bobcat".  ” - DC Larson

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Lance "Romance" Bakemeyer

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