Lost Highway

The Calf Branders

The Calf Branders play Honky Tonk, Country, Rockabilly and Country Blues original and cover music.

The Calf Branders are a Honky Tonk, Bluegrass, Country Blues and somewhat Rockabilly sounding 4 piece group that mainly writes and plays original music. The song Lost Highway is the third cover release by the Calf Branders dedicated to Hank Williams (Sr), the original recording artist. The Calf Branders lead guitar player, Tony Asnicar (Nascar) is featured on the track with excellent Baritone guitar. Tim Whitlock is featured on the track with excellent steel guitar and steel guitar effects. Lance Romance Bakemeyer on stand-up slap bass and lead vocals.

The Calf Branders music has been used in TV as background music for American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and many other TV shows.

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