30 Years of Rockabilly - Lance "Romance" Bakemeyer - 2 CD's with a total of 30 songs

Hillbilly Hellcats upright bassist and singer/songwriter "Lance Romance" has released a compilation of all his Hillbilly Hellcats songs, some of his Mustang Lightning songs, and some of his solo songs on this two disc set.  Many guest artists such as Danny B Harvey (Headcat), Jinx Jones, Phil Deville (Mustang Lightning)and Jonny Barber have also contributed great guitar work on the tracks.  Many of the tracks have been used in TV and Movies,and the first track - Dead Man's Party has had over 1,000,000 downloads since 1995 and the song is used in 2 different movies.

Rockabilly music of course is the main theme of "30 Years of Rockabilly", and the album nods toward all the "Billy" styles - Hillbilly, Neo-Billy, Psychobilly and good old American Rockabilly itself.

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